Jameis Winston says he'd go to Texas with Jimbo Fisher

Florida State would like Jimbo Fisher to stick around for a while
Jameis Winston doesn't seem concerned about Jimbo Fisher leaving. (USATSI)

Odds are that with a national title game only a few days away Florida State's Jimbo Fisher isn't spending a lot of time thinking about the job opening at Texas. However, there has been plenty of speculation that Texas is interested in Fisher.

And should Fisher actually end up going to Texas, he might have some company.

"Even if Coach Fisher goes to Texas," said Heisman winner Jameis Winston, "I'm going to ask him, 'Can I go with you?' Yeah, I'm serious. He's my coach."

Of course, Winston was saying all of this to show how unconcerned he and his teammates are about the idea of Fisher leaving for Texas, and it's probably all right for them to feel safe. While I can certainly understand why Texas would be interested in Fisher, I don't see why Fisher would be as interested in Texas.

Sure, it's Texas, but look at where Fisher currently is. He's built the Florida State program back up to the place where it's competing for a national title on Monday night. I just don't see why he'd be interested in leaving Tallahassee to do it all over again in Austin.

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