Jerry Kill would like to show you how tough he is

Since Jerry Kill took over at Minnesota, his epilepsy has become a very public topic. Kill had to be hospitalized after suffering a siezure following Minnesota's loss to Northwestern last week. In 2011 he suffered a major siezure that required hospitalization following a game against New Mexico State.

And as you'd expect in a situation like this, there are stupid people who have stupid reactions to things like these. Like one Minnesota fan who sent Kill an email referring to him as a "freak." While doing a radio interview on KFAN, Kill responded to the emailer.

"I've had some people attack me in different ways," Kill said. "I've been called, 'We've got a freak coaching the Minnesota Gophers.' I think that is the baddest thing that you can say to an individual. I'm going to give a statistic out for the person who had the guts to send that to me in an e-mail, is that one out of six people in the state of Minnesota have epilepsy."

Kill then went on to issue a challenge of sorts to the emailer.

"Let me tell you, you want to walk in my shoes? You want to walk in here to Joe Senser's [where the radio show was taking place] ... and not know if you're going to have a seizure today? Or you walk onto the practice field? There's a ton of people out there, there's people that are vice presidents of companies right here in our great state of Minnesota dealing with the same thing, and they're public figures, it's just they're not covered like I am, which is good.

"So I'm going to take a negative -- since I was called a freak -- and I'm going to turn it into a positive, and I'm going to work my tail end off for the people that have the same situation I have. Maybe I'll get in trouble for this, but I've always told it like it is, and I am a tough person, and I've got a tough wife. The best way I can put it is anybody that has the guts to do that, come see me. I'll show you how damn tough I am."

While I completely understand where Kill is coming from here -- it's unfortunate that a personal health condition becomes a public talking point -- and I can understand the frustration he must feel, I'm not sure I'd be going on radio challenging people to a fight.

Besides, when you consider that Kill deals with epilepsy on a daily basis and has already beaten cancer in his life, I don't think the man needs to prove to anybody how tough he is. Especially some random idiot with an email account.

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