When the Big Ten released its 2020 schedule, fans found out that they wouldn't have to wait as long to see Ohio State and Michigan play. "The Game" was moved up to Oct. 24 from its traditional spot at the end of the regular season -- something that hasn't happened since 1942. It seems that coaches Jim Harbaugh and Ryan Day are ready to go at it now, however.

Bucknuts reports that the two rival coaches had a bit of a kerfuffle during a weekly conference call among Big Ten coaches. Harbaugh reportedly interrupted Day while he was speaking to say that the Buckeyes had broken the rules.

Harbaugh alleged that Ohio State had been having on-field instruction and drills already even though NCAA rules currently forbid it. Harbaugh also said that Ohio State linebackers coach Al Washington was seen in a photo working with Ohio State linebackers.

Day reportedly responded by saying, "How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?"

No word on whether or not any other Big Ten coaches said "ooooooooh" or anything of the sort during the back and forth.

Either way, I'm wondering if these calls should start being televised. Most sports shows have been reduced to people sitting in front of their laptop cameras at home in rooms that are a little too dark during the pandemic, so we might as well add coach conference calls to the fray. Fans can then debate whether a coach "wants it enough" by how interested they appear during the call.

I mean, we have schedules, but that doesn't mean we're going to have games this fall. We need to start finding alternative ways to entertain ourselves with angry football coaches just in case we're left dealing with a worst-case scenario.