Was it a typo or a did Jim Harbaugh just brilliantly craft an insult tweet directed at ESPN’s Paul Finebaum? 

Don’t spend too much time thinking about the silly Twitter dust-up, but since it’s February and things are kind of slow, Harbaugh’s shot at Finebaum drew some attention. Anytime the Michigan coach tweets, it’s like a fire alarm for the college football content machine.

This all started when Finebaum accused Harbaugh of “cheating” during a discussion on “Outside The Lines” centered on the recent hire of Michael Johnson Sr. to Michigan’s staff. Johnson was a high school football coach and the father of Michael Johnson Jr., one of the top quarterbacks in the Class of 2019. 

“It may not be illegal by NCAA standards and bylaws as of this moment, but to me, it’s cheating,” Finebaum said on OTL. “It’s blatantly disregarding the spirit of the NCAA rule. We all know why he’s doing it.”

Harbaugh fired back by calling him “Pete” Finebaum, calling him out for SEC bias and finished the dig off with a reference to “alternative facts.” We’ll never whether the name swap was intentional, but it gave extra spice to the story for sure.