Jimbo Fisher-to-Texas A&M rumors are heating up: Three things to know

The past day has been a blur with the coaching carousel spinning at borderline unsafe speeds. The rate at which the carousel moves is uncertain, too. It's a lot of hurry up and waiting. That can make it difficult to know where and when the next domino will fall in the busiest time of the year for coaching transactions.

But with Chip Kelly at UCLA, Dan Mullen at Florida and Tennessee in flames, the next biggest story would be Jimbo Fisher and whether he leaves Florida State for Texas A&M, which just fired Kevin Sumlin. This is a rumor that's been chirping for some time, but with the end of the season approaching and the early signing period upcoming, there's more steam to it now than ever before. 

Like UCLA with former coach Jim Mora, A&M isn't firing a coach with a substantial buyout unless there's the real possibility of landing a big-name replacement. 

Would Fisher leave one of the best jobs in college football for another great and intriguing opening? Here's what we know so far. 

1. The chatter has a heavy Texas A&M slant: Just keep that in mind. It's no secret A&M wants Fisher. ESPN reported on Sunday that in the aftermath of firing Sumlin, Texas A&M would pursue him with a "lucrative offer." Additionally, Billy Liucci of TexAgs and the Houston Chronicle report that A&M regents have a meeting planned for Thursday with part of the agenda being "Discussion of legal and personnel issues relating to football program, including issues relating to appointment of new head coach."

The question is whether Fisher would accept the offer. Citing "FSU sources," Mark Passwaters of Rivals.com tweeted that "Fisher is now expected by people in Tallahassee to take Texas A&M's head coaching job." Another tweet from the Chronicle said Fisher has a "handshake agreement" to be Texas A&M's next coach. However, it's worth noting that these reports are coming from Texas A&M's side, even if they cite sources from Florida State. Of course reports from Texas A&M's side indicate Fisher would say yes if Texas A&M offered him the job. That doesn't mean he will or won't, but it's something to consider. 

2. Fisher didn't exactly deny anything, however: To get clarity, it's best to ask the coach himself. However, Fisher didn't provide much on the "Jeff Cameron Show." "I never comment on jobs," Fisher said. "My focus right now is playing this game against ULM and playing our season." That's coachspeak in its highest order. And while it's true that Fisher doesn't give credence to those types of questions, it was an opportunity for him to deny the connection and he didn't. That's only going to fuel it. 

3. By God, this is all Jimmy Sexton's music! If this sounds like a tune you've heard before, you're not crazy. Fisher was the candidate for LSU in each of the last two seasons, but ultimately nothing ever came of the reports. In fact, Fisher's name has popped up at a number of places over the years since he's been in Tallahassee. That's the benefit of being a good coach and having Jimmy Sexton as your agent.

However, this time it doesn't seem to be about money. "As of right now, we don't believe Sexton and Fisher are going to focus on a bump in his salary," reported Ira Schoffel of Warchant.com. "What they'll likely push for instead is more facilities upgrades and more money for the ever-increasing pool used to hire assistant coaches." Fisher has made it clear he thinks Florida State needs to keep improving facilities. Is this indicative of a bigger issue between Fisher and Florida State? It's not clear, but as long as Fisher is in the coaching business with Sexton as his agent, he's going to use him to get what he wants. 

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