A ruling has finally been reached in the Todd McNair vs. the NCAA case -- a case that seemed would never end. Unfortunately for McNair, the ending was not what he hoped. 

Following a three-day deliberation, the jury in the case has ruled in favor of the NCAA by a 9-3 vote. The jury was voting on whether the NCAA made a false statement about McNair, a former USC assistant who has been fighting the NCAA for seven years in a defamation suit filed in 2011. 

McNair was asking for $27 million in damages at the time of closing arguments earlier this month. Following the announcement, McNair and his attorney issued brief statements to the media ... 

McNair was named in the Reggie Bush impermissible benefits scandal that resulted in sanctions from the NCAA. At the heart of the coach's lawsuit was the belief that the NCAA wrongfully caused him to lose his job with the Trojans. McNair was given a one-year "show-cause" penalty for unethical conduct at the time the sanctions were handed down, which his attorneys argued was the result of a flawed investigation on the NCAA's part. 

Interestingly, the head juror for the trial didn't seem keen on taking the NCAA's side's, per se. If anything, this feels like a case in which McNair's counsel didn't do enough -- or enough of the right things -- to help his burden of proof. 

McNair has been unable to find work as a coach since the NCAA case. The most well-known example was in 2013 when he was in consideration as an assistant with the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, but did not land the job.