Kenny Hill's family trying to trademark 'Kenny Trill'

Kenny Hill wants to trademark his 'Kenny Trill' nickname
Kenny Hill wants to trademark his 'Kenny Trill' nickname. (USATSI)

Texas A&M is a football program rich with tradition, from Midnight Yell the night before games to the 12th Man rocking the house on Saturday. The Aggies seem to be adding another these days: starting quarterbacks trying to trademark a nickname.

Yes, it seems Kenny Hill isn't just following in the footsteps of Johnny Manziel as A&M's signal caller; he's also trying to get into the trademark business. According to, Hill's family has filed for the trademark to "Kenny Trill" with the intent of using Hill's nickname on athletic apparel.

When Hill opened the season with 511 passing yards against South Carolina, people rushed torefer to him as "Kenny Football," a take-off on Manziel's now-famous nickname. However, after the game, Hill let it be known that he preferred the somewhat more unique "Kenny Trill" moniker.

Now, whether Hill and his family get the trademark approved remains to be seen, and we probably won't be seeing a decision for quite a while. After all, Manziel filed for the trademark to "Johnny Football" in 2012 and there still has not been a resolution to that request.

Whether the trademark comes through for the Hill family or not, odds are it won't be as valuable to them as "Johnny Football" could be for Manziel considering the cultural phenomenon that Manziel has become the last few years. Plus, there's the fact that "Kenny Trill" is simply a dumb nickname.

You could have gone with "Kenny Thrill" or something that will actually have meaning in 10 years. Instead, you chose some slang word that nobody will remember come 2016, which, ironically enough, will probably be when Hill finally finds out whether he's been awarded the trademark.

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