Kent State selling bowl throwback helmets for $1,000 each

Thanks to the example of former Golden Flash Josh Cribbs, we know Kent State alums and fans can be intensely loyal. They would have to be, considering 2012 marked the first FBS bowl berth in the program's history. But are they so loyal they're willing to pony up $1,000 for the helmets worn in that bowl?

Kent State hopes so, because that's the current "gift to the football enhancement fund" requested in exchange for one of the helmets worn at the Bowl, plus a "personalized brick at the main West Gate entrance of Dix Stadium."

Remember, though, these aren't just any helmets; they are the eyes-in-front, block-K-on-the-back throwbacks to the Flashes' 1972 Tangerine Bowl berth, which you may remember from them being, well, the weirdest-looking college football lids this side of Maryland's state flag experiments:

But the $1,000 doesn't just get Flashes fans one of the most (ahem) unique helmets in recent college football history and their own brick at the Flashes' stadium -- the helmet also comes autographed by the coach who got them to the bowl game, Darrell Hazell. How much of a bonus that is might depend on how said Flash fan feels about Hazell having left the program for Purdue after the season, of course.

To be fair, unlike many of his job-hopping coaching brethren, Hazell stuck around to coach the Flashes in the bowl game, and this was a historic moment for the long-suffering program (17-13 loss to Arkansas State and all), and those are some interesting helmets, and it's not like this is the kind of memorabilia Kent State is going to produce every season, and they're not even the only college football program offering their one-off bowl helmet for this exact same price.

Still, though ... a thousand bucks?

HT: Hustle Belt. Photos by US Presswire (1) and Gerry Images (2).

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