Lane Kiffin: Alabama's support staff is so big I couldn't learn everyone's name

Life is a little different for Lane Kiffin now. He's gone from being a head coach at Tennessee and USC -- and then the offensive coordinator at Alabama -- to being a head coach again at Florida Atlantic. While a school like FAU may not have the same kind of resources Kiffin had available to him at previous stops, there is one benefit.

He'll probably be able to learn everyone's name.

During an appearance on "Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly" earlier this week, Kiffin was asked about some of the differences between FAU and Alabama, and Kiffin claimed that the support staff at Alabama was so large that he had trouble remembering names.

"I was there three years, and I still didn't learn everybody's name in that building," Kiffin said. "There were so many people. There's somebody for everything. [Alabama coach Nick Saban] has a very large staff of a lot of people. Obviously, he's done that so he that he's got all areas covered and everybody for something."

I can't blame Kiffin for having trouble learning all those names. Hell, considering how many offensive coordinators Alabama has gone through since the College Football Playoff Semifinal, I wouldn't blame Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts if he doesn't know all his offensive coordinators at this point, either.

As for Kiffin, you just know there are at least four different guys around the program named Joe, so you not only have to remember which ones are Joe, but whether he's Joe S. or Joe H. And you don't want to see what happens when you confuse Joe T. for Joe C.

That's when people get hurt.

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