Lane Kiffin continues to troll Tennessee's fanbase, and Vols fans can't let him go

Tennessee fans cannot get out of Lane Kiffin's mentions, even if he wants them to. After a disastrous Sunday for Tennessee in which Greg Schiano reportedly agreed to become the Vols coach only to have that agreement voided after fan outrage, Kiffin said that although he spoke to Tennessee last week, he isn't going to be packing his bags for Knoxville any time soon and he's more focused on North Texas.

To toss some extra salt in the wound, he affirmed his allegiance to Florida Atlantic, which is enjoying a fantastic season in Kiffin's first year. Tennessee fans have apparently forgiven Kiffin for his one-year tenure in Knoxville before he bolted for Southern California, and they got all up in his mentions after the tweet, telling him that both sides have matured and it's time to give this crazy thing called love another shot.

Some people decided to stay with the classics in their pleas for help, and why not? "Baby Come Back" by Player is the ultimate "it's your fault, but you got hot" anthem, and man if that isn't what's going on in Tennessee right now.

Others took a script from a romantic comedy and made it into a tweet, appealing to the fact that both sides have grown. They aren't upset by the whole situation, they're just disappointed that Kiffin won't even give them another shot.

Still, other enterprising Vols decided to look into the semantics of Kiffin's tweet, saying that even if he isn't waiting, what if the opportunity came up?

However, Tennessee isn't without its bitter fans, as one fan points out. Lane isn't welcomed back by everyone just yet.

And, of course, my favorite. The old "on-off relationships do work... sometimes" tweet. Go back to what you know. It won't hurt you.

So yeah, fans in Tennessee really aren't taking things super well, and they shouldn't. Twitter blocking a coaching hire does not bode well for this search. And even though things didn't work the first time with Kiffin and Tennessee, the fans think that those crazy kids still have a shot at love. For the time being, however, Kiffin seems to be more than content at FAU. He's beloved at a school enjoying a phenomenal season, and his unorthodox recruiting tactics are sure to catch a lot of eyes. However things go at Tennessee, Kiffin seems to have moved on. Much to the chagrin of the UT faithful.

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