Lane Kiffin says security wanted him to wear bulletproof vest during return to Tennessee

In today's episode of "People Think Tennessee Football Fans Are Crazy," we turn to the latest episode of "Marty Smith's America: The Podcast." The ESPN reporter had former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin on and while discussing the time Kiffin returned to Knoxville as the offensive coordinator at Alabama, the current FAU coach dropped an interesting anecdote.

Apparently, the security team wanted Kiffin to wear a bullet-proof vest.

"It's crazy. They were literally talking about like -- from the bus in -- a bulletproof vest. I'm like, 'Come on, guys. This is football.' They said, 'No, really.' They had security with me the whole way, even walking on the field and stuff like that," Kiffin said. "I'm just like 'I'm not wearing a vest, guys. All right?' That's a little bit over the top. It was all in fun. There was a lot of mean words said -- four-letter words. That speaks of Tennessee's fans, just how passionate they are. I think Phillip Fulmer said it the other day, 'We have the most passionate fans in the country.'"

Well now I think there's a difference between "passionate" and "might try to assassinate you," but I have to side with Kiffin here. The idea that he needed to wear a bulletproof vest is ridiculous. Tennessee fans have every right to be mad at Kiffin for leaving the way he did for USC, but nobody is going to try to shoot him because of it.

Right? Probably? Oh man, I don't know. That's why I can't stop watching this show. 

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