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During Saturday's game between Auburn and Mississippi, officials missed what appeared to be an Auburn turnover in the fourth quarter. Auburn running back Shaun Shivers touched a live ball before Ole Miss players recovered it in the end zone. The officials ended up ruling the play a touchback in favor of Auburn and the play wasn't reviewed.

Following the game, Kiffin was late to his press conference because he was speaking with SEC director of officials John McDaid regarding the play. He then criticized the officiating. Kiffin ended up being fined $25,000 for complaining about the refs.

After being fined, Kiffin decided to have a little bit of fun with the situation by threatening to pay his fine in pennies. He just isn't sure how many pennies he'd need to do it. On Monday, Kiffin tweeted about a news story about a man paying a $3,000 bill with a wheelbarrow full of pennies. Then Kiffin's math skills began to come into question when he tried to transfer that penny idea over to the $25,000 fine.

At first, Kiffin believed that he needed 25,000 pennies. For a $25,000 fine, that obviously would only add up to $250. Kiffin kept trying and tweeted that he would need 250,000 pennies. That... is still incorrect. He eventually arrived at the correct answer, which is 2.5 million pennies.

He then cracked a joke about the SEC having to review his math:

Kiffin took a little while, but he eventually got the right answer. If the Ole Miss head coach actually pays the $25,000 fine in pennies, that would surely be an amazing feat. However, with there currently being a coin shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's unlikely.