Lawyer says Jameis Winston had consensual sex with accuser

Jameis Winston's attorney vehemently defended his client in a Thursday press conference, saying that the sex between the Florida State quarterback and his accuser was consensual and questioning why results of law enforcement DNA testing had been leaked to the media.

Asked by reporters if the sex between his client and the accuser was consensual, Tallahassee attorney Tim Jansen replied "absolutely" before attempting to scale back his response.

"I'm not saying that," Jansen said, per the Associated Press. "I'm saying the eyewitnesses that were there will verify that any material that was found, or any evidence that was found, is consistent with him [doing] nothing wrong."

ESPN reported late Wednesday that DNA found in the underwear of Winston's accuser was a match for DNA provided by Winston to authorities as part of the investigation into the complaint of sexual assault against the Heisman candidate. 

"All I know is it's very suspicious that the only news reporting agency that [State Attorney] Willie Meggs met privately with yesterday in his office was the one that reported that last night on television," Jansen said. "And that would be ESPN."

Meggs told the AP neither he nor his office was the source of the leak, calling it "problematic."

Jansen said that Winston had volunteered to provide his DNA to investigators.

"We are not surprised with the results of the DNA," he said, per the Tallahassee Democrat. "We voluntarily submitted to a DNA, the only thing we are surprised by is it was leaked out by law enforcement. The question the people should ask is why is it being leaked? For what purpose?"

"We've never ever said he wasn't there," Jansen added, per the AP. "We never said any of that."

The accuser first filed a sexual assault complaint against Winston in December 2012, with the case made inactive in February 2013 and reopened last week. The family of the accuser issued a statement Wednesday criticizing Tallahassee police's handling of the case, saying that a detective had warned the family's attorney the accuser should "think long and hard" about pursuing the case in "a big football town."

Winston, a 19-year-old redshirt freshman, has not been arrested or charged with any crime, and his status for Florida State has not changed.

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