Legally blind long-snapper to walk on at Tulane

Tulane has offered a preferred walk-on spot to long-snapper Aaron Golub. Normally this would not be news because nobody cares about walk ons, and nobody cares about long-snappers, so when you put the two together you get a black hole of not caring.

But this story is a bit different, as Golub is legally blind. The long-snapper from the Boston area was born without vision in his left eye and extremely limited vision in his right eye.

"For reference, close one eye and then make a fist with a hole [the] size of a dime and put the opening to your eye," said Golub's private coach, Chris Rubio. "That is Aaron's continuous view."

OK, now while you're doing that, bend over at the waist with your head between your legs and snap a football to a holder or punter in a specific spot. That's what Golub has done at his high school for the past two seasons, and according to his high school coach, he has only had one bad snap the entire time.

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