The family of Leonard Fournette is known for creating the BUGA nation movement, and now that Fournette is no longer playing college football there is a Web site where you can purchase gear with the phrase and logo.

Fournette sent out a tweet on Thursday with a link to the Web site saying, "get your gear."

Since high school, Fournette has promoted the phrase BUGA nation - which according to the site "derives from the acronym Being United Generates Attitude. It's a unity movement that represents people from all walks of life uniting as one to spread positive vibes and energy throughout the world. Lets ALL embrace the BUGA Nation Movement and make history as one."

In addition to the BUGA Nation name, much of the gear also includes the hand signal that when formed appears to be in the shape of a lowercase "b."

The site has T-shirts and hats for men and includes LSU colors for most items - as well as black, white and camouflage. Depsite Fournette sporting a hoodie on the site, there are currently no links to purchase sweatshirts.

BUGA Nation members can now unite by sporting the gear that Fournette wears.