Les Miles is starring in a new movie about the Challenger explosion, and there's a trailer

When Les Miles was a kid, he wanted to be three things -- a football coach, an actor, and the President. He's got two out of the three off his checklist. 

The former LSU coach and current Kansas boss is set to star in a new movie about the Challenger disaster called, well, "The Challenger Disaster." The film stars Dean Cain and some other recognizable faces (hello, Landry's dad from "Friday Night Lights") and its first trailer dropped late last week.

Have a look:

OK, so it's probably not going to be an Oscars contender, but it's definitely a movie! And Miles looks like he's going to get significant screen time. Fourth-billing! Good for him.

Honestly, going off the trailer, Miles looks like a pretty damn decent actor...maybe one of the better ones in that movie. Apparently, he's got a passion for the art.

"It was so fun," Miles said in an interview with The Advocate. "I am one of the NASA chiefs. The engineers came to the chief and to the other contracting companies and said, 'Wait to launch.' They said, 'We're not going to.' The engineers were right."

He actually has two prior acting credits and two more on the way, according to his IMDb page. Speaking of which, his bio on the site is quite understated.


"He is an actor, known for Daisy and Smiling Jack."

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