Like Miami, Missouri's Haith files motion to dismiss with NCAA

Missouri coach Frank Haith has filed a motion to dismiss his charges with the NCAA, his South Florida-based attorney told on Monday night.

Haith had been charged in a notice of allegations with "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance" while he was Miami's coach in 2010 and 2011.

"Frank Haith has filed a motion with the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions," attorney Michael Buckner wrote in an email. "The motion asks, in part, for the committee to dismiss the enforcement staff’s allegation against the University of Missouri head men’s basketball coach."

The move comes after the University of Miami filed a motion on Friday to dismiss the entire case against it. The Associated Press reported over the weekend that Miami had officially filed. was able to confirm that through sources.

The AP also reported that three former Miami assistant football and basketball coaches have filed similar motions.

Miami faces a charge of lack of institutional control from the NCAA regarding its dealings with former booster Nevin Shapiro. 

The accused in the Miami case are inside a 90-day window to respond to the NCAA's notice of allegations.

The NCAA threw out 20 percent of the evidence gathered in the case after it was discovered that attorney Maria Elena Perez had been paid to use subpoena power to depose former Miami equipment staffer Sean Allen and Shapiro business partner Michael Huyghe. That NCAA relationship with Perez extended beyond those two subjects, the Miami Herald reported this week. Investigator Stephanie Hannah pursued the use of Perez after taking over the Miami case for the fired Ameen Najjar.

The lawyer hired by the NCAA to review the initial improper use of Perez, Ken Wainstein, then told the Associated Press on Thursday multiple persons inside the association knew of the use of Perez in the Miami case. Wainstein explained them away saying NCAA officials knew of the “arrangement with Perez but did not realize the NCAA was paying” her.

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