Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio is a no-nonsense guy, especially when it comes to poor media questions. This is, after all, the man who brought back "next question" like Justin Timberlake brought sexy back.

So it probably should probably come as no surprise that Dantonio hung up in the middle of an interview on national radio on Wednesday. Appearing on FOX Sports Daybreak with Mike North and Andy Furman, Dantonio never seemed happy about the questions he received, which ranged in topics from Jim Harbaugh to outdated narratives about the state of the program.

You can listen (and cringe) to the full audio below.

On one hand, there are some topics, like Harbaugh, that are going to be asked. That's inevitable and Dantonio has to deal with it -- which he did, clearly to his chagrin. Could the Harbaugh question have been asked differently, though? Of course.

On the other hand, some of the questions were flat-out irrelevant or poorly researched. Connor Cook not being a captain last year -- who cares? Not getting enough respect? Over the last three seasons, the Spartans are 36-5, have two Big Ten championships and are 5-1 vs. Michigan and Ohio State. What's not to respect?

"Well, you know we've been in the top 10 the last three years," Dantonio said. "I don't know. You do what you do. I mean you guys are the guys talking out there and you ask questions that sometimes don't really make a lot of sense."