LISTEN: Rick Ross calls on Miami five-star defender to produce a hip-hop track

Miami defensive end Chad Thomas is coming off a strong season in 2016. The former five-star recruit finished second on the team in both sacks (four) and tackles for loss (11). The 2017 season will be his senior season, and it’s entirely possible that Thomas could move on from Miami to a future in the NFL.

But if that path doesn’t work out, Thomas has other options available to him: record producer.

On the football field, he’s known as Chad Thomas, but in the recording studio, he’s known as Major Nine, and he may have just had a career breakthrough. Thomas just produced the opening track on rapper Rick Ross’ latest album, “Rather You Than Me.” The song is called “Apple of My Eye.”

“I met Ross in high school, and we kinda connected,” Thomas told The Washington Post . “He treated me like his little brother. He knew I was into music, and he knew I was into rapping. I don’t think he really knew I made beats and all that. I like doing that more than rapping. We did a song with Lil Dred called “Hurt Nobody” probably a year back. That was the first time he was on my beat, but it wasn’t his song. Sam Sneak, his DJ, kept hitting me up saying, ‘Send me some beats.’ He never told me what it was for. I’d send him everything I made. Out of nowhere, he called me and said, ‘I got him on your beat.’”

Thomas went on to describe his first meeting with Ross, saying he originally met him at a Dave and Buster’s. The mother of one of Thomas’ high school teammates worked for him and set up a meeting between the rapper and some of Thomas’ teammates. 

So the lesson here is, if you’re a producer, and you have the chance to go meet a rapper at Dave and Buster’s, do it. It could lead to big things down the road.

You can hear Thomas’ track with Ross here, but be forewarned -- the language gets a bit salty.

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