I don't know if Army will be able to end its 14-game losing streak to Navy this season, but win or lose, Army is going to look good.

The academy showed off the special uniforms it will wear in this year's Army-Navy Game, and they're basically the flame emoji come to life, because these things are straight fire.


The uniforms are inspired by the 82nd Airborne Unit. Here's a quick history lesson from Army's website about that unit.

Highly trained and highly disciplined, the soldiers of the 82nd Airborne were asked to spearhead the invasions of Italy, Normandy and Holland. With little to no reinforcements or relief in the most adverse conditions, their physical and mental toughness was pushed to the limits. Their unwavering brotherhood and intense dedication to success, ultimately led to mission accomplishment.

I bet they wish they could have done all that wearing these uniforms.