The shark teeth on the "Flying Tigers" in World War II will be on full display for Air Force this fall on these killer alternate helmets for the football team.

The 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force, which included of U.S. military pilots from the Marines, Navy and Army Air Corps, was nicknamed the "Flying Tigers." The group's sharktooth design on the nose of the fighter plane (a Curtis P-40) is recognizable as a symbol of the country's involvement in World War II and a tribute to the brave Americans that fought alongside the Chinese as members of their military. Only active for about seven months, the Flying Tigers are still popping up, and this fall it's in Colorado Springs.

Air Force welcomes Georgia State on Sept. 10 and that's where the schools says it will wear the "Air Power Legacy Series Sharktooth helmet." The team unveiled the design with a splashy Twitter video on Sunday morning.

Air Force's alternate helmet for Sept. 10 vs. Georgia State Twitter/Air Force

Cure Bowl participant Georgia State can't be blamed for staring at the design. In fact, it's worth considering that Air Force might have as much of a field goal advantage on the betting line just because of the helmets. That's the kind of potential I think we have here with the intensity of the fighter pilot imagery.