LOOK: Big, shirtless guy in sombrero is the hero of the snowy Sun Bowl

The Sun Bowl is not living up to its name as El Paso, Texas, is getting blanketed in snow.

Miami and Washington State are dealing with heavy snowfall and winds as they battle for the Sun Bowl crown. Before the game it was a bit cold, but bright and sunny. 

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, it looked like this with no end of the snow in sight. 

Not exactly the most ideal conditions to be playing in. While nearly everyone in attendance is layering up, one Washington State fan (who told CBS' Allie LaForce that he graduated from Wazzu in 2010 and is now employed as an engineer) went in the opposite direction and took some layers off. 

When in El Paso, you go shirtless and wear a sombrero. That's just how it is. You don't let a little blizzard get in the way of your planned outfit, you just make sure you have some extra liquid warmth around to help out if need be. 

Sun Bowl fan (CBS Sports)
This Washington State fan won't let a blizzard ruin his Sun Bowl fun. (CBS Sports)
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