LOOK: Bret Bielema has some thoughts on the officials in the SEC title game

Can college football coaches be fined for publicly criticizing college basketball referees?

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema might find out soon enough, as he didn’t seem very pleased with SEC basketball officials on Sunday. Arkansas lost to Kentucky 82-65 in the final of the SEC tournament Sunday afternoon, and afterward, Bielema tweeted about the officials being a bit too friendly with Kentucky players.

Now, full disclosure, I did not watch the entire game, so I can’t really speak on the level of officiating in it. All I know is that in the final minutes, I saw an Arkansas player, Moses Kingsley, deliver a two-handed shove directly to the face of a Kentucky player and subsequently get ejected from the game.

I also know that in a game with a final deficit of 17 points, it’s hard to blame the refs for anything that may have gone wrong.

It seems Bret feels differently.

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