In about six weeks, college football is going to get very real and very serious, very quickly. Until then, let us take every opportunity to have as much fun as possible. And no one has more fun in this sport than team Twitter accounts.

So when given the opportunity to pluck some low-hanging fruit from South Carolina's palmetto*, the Citadel wasted no time.

(*Please don't #wellactually me about the science of this. Thanks in advance.)

It all started when a South Carolina account tweeted that a number of past sporting events, including two football games, would be replayed as part of the school's takeover on ESPN's SEC Network:

That tweet came at 11:03 a.m. Not but one hour later, the Citadel football account offered this suggestion:

The Citadel, of course, beat South Carolina 23-22 last November. The loss was part of a five-game losing streak for the Gamecocks on the way to a 3-9 season. But, to South Carolina's credit, it had the perfect response:

South Carolina, which gets a break in the schedule because it doesn't have to play the Bulldogs, opens the 2016 at Vanderbilt.