Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was arrested early Saturday morning and faces a number of charges, including public intoxication and fleeing the scene. The fleeing the scene charge has drawn the most attention because, according to the arresting officer’s report, Mayfield tried to run and was chased down from behind by the police.

Meaning the police play better defense than just about everybody else in the Big 12.

Anyway, while I crack jokes here, plenty of others had fun with Mayfield’s arrest on the internet as well, including former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, who jumped in the fray by retweeting a doctored photo he saw.

Yes, it’s funny, but I have to say I’m worried about Barry’s memory. He may say that they wouldn’t have been able to catch any of his quarterbacks -- remember, Barry ran an option offense with the Sooners -- but history suggests otherwise.

Sports Illustrated

They caught at least one, coach.