LOOK: Fan builds Lego version of DKR Memorial Stadium

Texas Memorial Stadium Lego
All it's missing is Bevo chilling behind the end zone. (Imgur)

I was never very good with Legos while I was a kid. I'd start playing with them, but nothing I tried to build ever turned out how I planned it and eventually I would just start taking the Lego people and staging a football game with them.

The people came premade, and I knew what football looked like.

But my inability to build with the Legos is one of the reasons I'm amazed at some of the stuff people create with them. Like football stadiums. We've seen versions of college football stadiums made of legos before, and thanks to one member of Imgur named "baconeverywhere2," we now have a version of Texas' DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Maybe I should hire somebody to build a Lego stadium for me so I'll finally have somewhere to play my Lego man football games.

You can check out the entire 33-photo album on Imgur here.

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