LOOK: Florida State debuts turnover backpack as it struggles to take down Samford

It's happened. We've reached the point where the sideline props for defensive players who get a turnover officially jumped the shark. On Saturday night, while struggling to get past mighty Samford, Florida State unveiled ...

... the turnover backpack.

I mean, what is there to say? Some teams have awesome chains they hand out. Others have thrones for them to sit on. Florida State has a ... backpack. Sure, there could be some Lunchables in that backpack, which would increase the value of the prize tenfold. One of the worst things about growing up is that you can no longer eat Lunchables without people looking at you funny. Because your ham and cheese sandwich is so sophisticated, Bob! You think you're better than me?

Uh, sorry, OK, so this turnover backpack. Yeah, it's dumb, but not in the fun, foolish kind of way. Just in a dumb way. If I were Florida State, I would take my performance against Samford Saturday night, stuff it in that backpack along with some heavy rocks and then throw it into Lake Jackson.

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