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The most notable moment of Mike Norvell's coaching career at Florida State is now permanently etched on the body of a Seminoles fan. A fan who promised to get an image of Norvell from his college playing days tattooed if he led the Seminoles to a win over the then-No. 5 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels.

The fan was seen in the stands of the game with a sign that read "IF FSU BEATS UNC I'LL GET THIS TATTOO" with a photo of Norvell during his days as a receiver for Central Arkansas University. This isn't a run-of-the-mill image, however, as it has the Seminoles coach in cornrows -- the sign comes with the caption "CORNROWs NORVELL."

As you can probably guess because of the tattoo existing, the Seminoles defeated the Tar Heels 31-28, for Norvell's first win over a ranked opponent at FSU. 

And now that the photo has turned into a permanent image on another person's body. It was something incredible enough that it even caught Norvell's eye on social media.

The now-famous photo first made the rounds back when Norvell was still the head coach at Memphis when the program hosted SMU. To make sure that a national audience saw the image, College Gameday showed off the photo November 2019.

"It was really a funny time. I was going into my sophomore year and I'm working an inner-city youth camp right before we start fall camp and we broke up into groups that had competition. I had long hair, and the group that I had said 'Coach, if we win, we're going to braid your hair.' After looking at my group, I thought they had no chance to win, so I made the deal," Norvell said last December.