LOOK: Georgia fan drives around Atlanta with SEC title game playing on his tailgate

In the SEC, it just means more ... celebrating. 

Or trolling, depending on your team affiliation. 

If the following photo is to be believed, there is a person driving around the greater Atlanta area with a working television strapped to the back of his SUV's tailgate. And on that television is a replay of last week's SEC Championship Game between No. 3 Georgia and No. 7 Auburn, which, as you'll recall, the Bulldogs won 28-7 to secure a spot in the College Football Playoff. 

For any Georgia fans driving around who happened to catch a glimpse of the game, congratulations on reliving your team's first SEC Championship since 2005. For potential Auburn fans driving around in Atlanta, maybe look away?

Either way, try not to watch TV and drive at the same time for too long. We're all about safety here. 

CBS Sports Writer

Ben Kercheval joined CBS Sports in 2016 and has been covering college football since 2010. Before CBS, Ben worked at Bleacher Report, UPROXX Sports and NBC Sports. As a long-suffering North Texas graduate,... Full Bio

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