You probably know what "Florida Man" is by now. If you don't, here's a quick 4-1-1: take the most insane mad libs you can imagine about getting arrested and/or gruesomely injured at a fast food drive-thru/Publix/Wal-Mart because of a mishap with a wild animal/wife/complete stranger. Maybe throw in a face tattoo and a dirty thirty for good measure. That's Florida Man. 

"Georgia Man" is way, way more subdued. By comparison, Georgia Man just gets tangentially grazed by insanity. Take, for instance, Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm who ended up going to the doctor's office thanks to a ... shall we say, misplaced fishing lure to the leg. 

Alternate headline: Georgia Man goes fishing, ends up at hospital after hooking himself. 

There are serious, season-defining offseason injuries, and then there's this. It looks more painful than it probably is. And, besides, there are worse ways to get snagged by a fishing line. 

Prayers up for a speedy recovery, though.