Well, I guess no one can ever accuse Liberty coach Hugh Freeze of not being a football guy. Freeze has been in the hospital as he continues to recover from complications from a recent back surgery procedure. He had a potentially life-threatening strand of staph infection that, thankfully, has been handled. However, he was expected to stay in the hospital for the next four-to-six weeks while recovering from the surgery.

That of course would affect his ability to coach the Flames in their season opener against No. 22 Syracuse.

Or maybe not. 

Freeze on Saturday coached Liberty from ... a hospital bed ... located in the coaching booth. And while no, he wasn't on the sideline, Freeze was looking on while laid back with a headset. Here's Freeze pumping up his team before the game via video conference.

Sure enough, television cameras from ESPN+ later caught Freeze looking at his play sheet and donning a headset while propped up. 

It didn't end there.

After Liberty fell 24-0 to Syracuse, coach Dino Babers had a virtual handshake with Freeze.

Freeze was true to his word, and he conducted his postgame press conference via video conference.

In many ways, this is so on-brand for Freeze, who was in contact with his team through walkie-talkie during preseason camp.

That said, no one would have blamed Freeze if he decided to take a few weekends off to help in his recovery efforts. Who knows, though, maybe Liberty fans will take a page from the Iowa book and turn to wave at Freeze during the game.