LOOK: Iowa puts logo at midfield of Kinnick Stadium after nearly 40 years without one

 Iowa football games at Kinnick Stadium are going to look a little different this season. There will still be a lot of run plays and some deep shots off play-action. And there will be punts, of course, but I'm not talking about the team itself, I'm talking about the field at Kinnick Stadium.

For the first time since 1980, Iowa will have a paint job at midfield. Iowa used a block "I" from 1972-1980 but has been blank ever since, according to the Des Moines Register.

Iowa athletic director Gary Barta talked about why the school was painting the logo on the field last month.

"The passion for the Tigerhawk is amazing. Wherever you go in the state, across the country, or throughout the world, when you wear the logo on your shirt, a friendly 'GO HAWKS' shout is inevitable," Barta said. "The current Kinnick Stadium renovation provided an opportunity to add the Tigerhawk to the field. It will provide another great touch to an already iconic stadium."

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Well, now that it's back on the field, how do we feel about it? Let's break this down because something like this is important and deserves consideration.


First of all, it's an awesome logo. Iowa's logo has always been one of my favorites in the country, so I'm forever in favor of seeing it as often as possible.

It's not just good-looking, but it's unique as well. In a sport with so many teams named Tigers, Bulldogs, Aggies, as well as numerous logos that are just some variation of the first letter in the school's name, it's always nice to see something different.

And even if the Iowa logo is iconic and instantly recognizable, it's because it's different. When you see it you know, that's Iowa, man.


Iowa football is simple, straight-ahead football. The Hawkeyes under Kirk Ferentz have never been a team to rely on gimmicks to try to trick an opponent. Iowa is just trying to beat you on the football field by playing some old-fashioned football.

Win in the trenches, take care of the ball and try not to do anything stupid. Some will say it's boring, but there can be beauty in the mundane.

So, in this regard, having a blank field at Kinnick Stadium was an excellent reflection of the football team itself. No frills, just football.

Putting the logo at midfield is a bit flashy!


After considering both sides, it turns out I'm still in total favor of having the logo. It's just a terrific logo! In fact, if I had any complaint it's that I'd make the logo bigger, but this smaller version is an excellent compromise.

It gives us the lovely image to look at, but it isn't gaudy.

Just like Iowa football.

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