LOOK: Is Lane Kiffin trying to get Lamar Jackson to play for him at FAU?

Twitter Lane Kiffin is the best Lane Kiffin, because there's always something happening with Twitter Lane Kiffin. It was as though the social media fishbowl was made specifically for the Florida Atlantic coach. Among the things he does best is troll Tennessee fans and boast about absurd box scores (and then tweet stories about him posting absurd box scores). 

Tweeting at (i.e. recruiting) Heisman winners is a new thing, however. 

On Wednesday morning, Kiffin quote tweeted two tweets from Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, both of which strongly suggested that Jackson come to Florida Atlantic (or, as he puts it, #thefaU). One tweet in particular referenced Jackson's mother. Jackson, of course, hails from Boynton Beach, Florida, which is just north of Boca Raton where FAU is located. 


As you could infer from the screenshots, the tweets have since been deleted. Purposefully or not -- and you could certainly lean towards purposefully -- that looks an awful lot like Kiffin is recruiting Jackson to FAU, which, of course, would be a no-no. 

Then again, Kiffin has taken in his share of transfer quarterbacks in the past. Most famously was John Franklin III, formerly of Auburn and East Mississippi Community College. 

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