LOOK: Jake Plummer sticks up for Herm Edwards and ASU fans aren't having it

Herm Edwards' introductory press conference for Arizona State was all kinds of strange, but that isn't deterring some prominent former Sun Devils from believing in him. Former ASU quarterback Jake Plummer in particular is sick and tired of fans bashing Edwards, and believes that Edwards will be just fine coaching in Tempe.

A contingent of fans, however, didn't like being told what to do by Jake the Snake, and they let him know.

One fan told Plummer what he could do with his crow.

Another just wanted to explain himself.

And still another is just concerned about where their money is going.

The Edwards hire raised eyebrows from the jump, and all of the weird things (his agent speaking at the introductory press conference, him seeming to forget that he was coaching a team called the Sun Devils) didn't do much to inspire confidence from the ASU faithful. Plummer just wants to curb the negativity.

"I'm a tad befuddled about the fans that are naysayers out there," Plummer told the Doug and Wolf Show on 98.7 FM. "You look at these two men (ASU VP of University athletics Ray Anderson and Edwards) who are highly successful and have done amazing things. They don't sit around and tweet out negativity. They are in the moment trying to change the culture and fight their butts off to win and do well and exceed and excel."

Edwards is expected to have a large recruiting role, and Plummer is concerned about these optics in recruiting as well. "It would be hard to deal with as a student-athlete who is excited to be coached by a phenomenal football coach in Herm Edwards," he said. "I played against teams he coached and I know what he brings to the table. To me it's kind of embarrassing that everybody's saying this is a horrible hire and 'I can't wait for two years when they have to hire a new coach.'"

It's true that Edwards hasn't gotten much of a chance yet, but attacking fellow alumni and current students isn't the best way to vent. Arizona State's success can't be measured until next year, but Plummer's points regarding the public perception are sound -- things like public perception can impact recruiting. Edwards will get his chance when next season starts, but until then he can only be graded on how he presents himself. And even Plummer would have to admit: How he's presented himself has been pretty darn weird.

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