It's not every day that you spot a man riding a horse around a college campus. And it's certainly not every day that that man happens to be one of college football's biggest names.

If you happened to be strolling around LSU on Thursday, you may have spotted star Tigers linebacker Devin White roaming the grounds -- with a gallop. It turns out the repeat SEC Defensive Player of the Week was crossing roads, moving from class to class and even testing the Tiger Stadium grass on horseback, and both he and his fellow LSU students were loving it.

Why in the world was the LSU standout riding a horse? Could he not find an Uber? Was it a ploy to showcase versatility and boost his draft stock? Is he just another young man obsessed with "Red Dead Redemption?"

Nope. Turns out the country-born White is actually a big horse guy -- he owns the one he was riding, and her name is Daisy Mae. She's one of seven horses that White owns. Apparently, one LSU class invited the linebacker to give a presentation on how to properly saddle a horse.