LSU doesn't like to mess with its look, usually opting to shuffle varying degrees of white for home games. It could be white pants with a white helmet, white helmet with a white jersey or a white-out look. Something about Mississippi State, however, tends to make the Tigers go bolder. Two years ago, LSU wore gold jerseys to pay homage to teams from the 1940s against MSU (and this happened). On Saturday, LSU will play its homecoming game in more "modern"-looking white threads with -- wait for it -- color-changing chrome helmets.

These jerseys are commemorating the centennial anniversary of "The Silent Season," and the players won't wear names to honor the unknown soldiers that never returned from World War I.

There have been rumors buzzing around these jerseys since a photo of the helmet was leaked earlier in the week, and LSU confirmed the alternates on Thursday. It's certainly a rare departure from the team's more classic looks, but the jerseys have a clear statement behind them.

LSU is coming off its biggest win so far this year against Georgia, and is looking to take that momentum in Saturday's game against No. 22 Mississippi State. It will be interesting to see how the color changing effect looks under the Death Valley lights.