LOOK: Mel Tucker is coaching in shorts, and Twitter loves the Colorado coach's look

First-year Colorado coach Mel Tucker is taking advantage of his time in the desert. And he's doing it in comfort. Tucker, a career coordinator coaching just his fourth game as the top man for the Buffaloes on Saturday against No. 24 Arizona State, was spotted on the sidelines looking the part of a coach: headset, play sheet, the works. And oh, along with all of that, shorts and an un-tucked polo shirt.


This isn't your typical coaching get-up. Most stay comfortable, sure. A sweatshirt, jeans, tennis shoes, maybe a beanie if weather permits. But shorts? That's a new trail he's blazing. So new and so bold, in fact, that people are absolutely digging the vibe.

Of course, not everyone was a fan of the move. As one fan expressed, the shorts power move would be a lot better if they didn't have to remember the Tucker era with the Bears where he coached from 2013-14 as the team's defensive coordinator.

The objective of new coaches taking over floundering program seems to always be to reset the culture, so credit Tucker here. Colorado has endured a tough spell over the past decade with nine of the last seasons ending in losing records, so any way you can shake things up -- even if it's by wearing shorts instead of jeans -- is a win in that pursuit if only to do things a little differently.

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