I swore before last season that I was done writing about and critiquing uniform choices by college football teams, or any team for that matter. I had come to the conclusion that I was too concerned about something that didn't matter in the end. Some uniforms were good, some were bad, none mattered as much as the game the players wearing them were competing in.

I enjoyed the time away from caring about uniforms, too. I felt free. But now I've been sucked back in by uniforms so awful that I could not just sit by in silence and allow them to happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at what Michigan State announced in April.

Why? Why do this to yourselves?

These uniforms look like an off-brand Oregon.

These uniforms look like the result of some wealthy celebrity paying off a school so her kid can get a degree in graphic design from them.

These uniforms look like they bought Fyre Festival tickets.

These uniforms are somehow more difficult to look at than Michigan State's offense last season.

And now, four months later, they are real.

Sparty, what are you doing to us? The only hope we have for these is that Michigan State wears them in games fans can just ignore. Here's to hoping these don't hit the field for Ohio State or Michigan in 2019.