NC State has several different wolf designs to choose from, but none of the mascots look quite as fierce as the real-life wolf images on the football team's cleats, gloves and undershirts for the Belk Bowl against Mississippi State

Paired with black pants, the team's "Pack in Black" two-tone black-and-red helmet with white tops, the wolves are a loud fashion statement for a bowl game whose sponsor promotes a style that is both modern and southern. 

Let's put NC State's wolf gear to the Belk Bowl test: 

1. Modern? Check. Alternate uniforms for bowl games have been a staple for ages, but the "Pack in Black" is recent and the Adidas wolf cleats are brand spanking new. 

2. Southern? Check. The wolves cannot be confirmed as North Carolina residents (the in-state tuition forms are exhausting) but NC State is in Raleigh, the Belk Bowl is in Charlotte and Mississippi State is involved so yes this is all very southern. 

3. Style? Check. Is this even a question? 

NC State's wolf gear is stylish enough for the Belk Bowl. (NC State Athletics)