You had to figure the Big Ten Championship Game between No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 8 Ohio State was going to be a physical matchup for the right to (maybe) make the College Football Playoff. But did anyone think it would be so physical that it would tear up the field at Lucas Oil Stadium?

If you bet that it would, congrats, because that's exactly what happened. 

Seriously. The turf monster, previously undefeated against college football players, got ripped in half. See for yourself. 

The incident happened in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game when Badgers running back Chris James dove in for a one-yard touchdown. Since the play happened in a phone booth, both sides dug in to try to make a play. And ... well ... the turf paid the price. That's when field manager Eric Harlow had to run out on to the field, in front of thousands upon thousands of people -- and many more viewing at home -- and try to fix this thing in a timely manner. No pressure at all. 

But the longer it took for the field to be fixed, the more time the internet had to make plenty of jokes about it. 

After a short delay, the turf was fixed and the game resumed with Ohio State ultimately winning 27-21. I've seen plenty of natural grass get torn up over the years. I don't think I've ever seen turf get that torn up before. That might be the biggest #B1G thing that could have happened in the Big Ten Championship.