LOOK: Oklahoma fan keeps his word, gets a Baker Mayfield tattoo

The first rule of Twitter is never tweet. The second rule of Twitter is that if you absolutely must tweet, don't offer to get a tattoo of somebody if they retweet the tweet you shouldn't be tweeting in the first place.

Oklahoma fan Kenneth Holzhammer did not follow the rules.

On Wednesday night, he sent out the following tweet.

You'll never believe what happened next. That's right, Baker Mayfield retweeted the tweet, meaning Holzhammer had to get a tattoo of him, and even if he's a rule-breaker, Holzhammer is also a man of his word.

"I was going to get the 'OU' in all black, but Baker is my hero," Holzhammer told the Dallas Morning News. "Like no joke, so I took a shot and tweeted to see if he would retweet it and he did. So I had to do it. Can't let my idol down."

Oh man, the third rule of Twitter is never tweet especially if you've been drinking, Kenneth. You're just making all kinds of bad decisions here, buddy.

The good news at least is that Mayfield appreciates the tattoo, and wants to bring Holzhammer to an Oklahoma game this season.

Personally, I think that if Holzhammer shows up to the game Mayfield should have to get a tattoo of him as well. Fair is fair.

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