A lot of college football fans hate Ohio State. (USATSI)

As a national college football writer, I deal with a lot of different college football fans from all parts of the country, and sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what makes the college football fan tick.

Particularly, what do they enjoy the most? Is it rooting for their own favorite team, or hating other teams?

Most of the time I think it's hating other teams, which is why I think you'll be interested to see Reddit's latest "most hated teams map." The site did a survey of its users to find out which college football team was the most hated in each state, and here are the results.

Why Alaska hates Alabama so much, I'm not sure. Maybe it's because both states start with "ala" and there's a natural rivalry there. I don't know. 

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The other interesting aspect of the map is how there's an entire Iron Bowl rivalry between Vermont and New Hampshire. Both states are in the northeast, and border each other. One hates Alabama, the other hates Auburn.

What's going on there? 

And what does Rhode Island have against Texas?

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Finally, for those wondering, as far as which schools received the most hate overall, 11.4 percent of the votes cast across the entire country were for Ohio State. Alabama and Michigan were tied for second at 9.2 percent, while Texas (6.3 percent) and Florida (5.9 percent) rounded out the top five.