It's taken a while for me to check off another box on my "headlines I've always dreamed of writing" bucket list. Here we go. Someone attempting to impersonate Tennessee senior cornerback Cameron Sutton has been busted for extortion ... after trying to obtain money while threatening the reputation of a woman ... by utilizing Snapchat.

According to, 22-year-old Brandon Douglas Shanahan of Sweetwater, Tennessee, has been charged with intent to extort for money while communicating with a woman via the social media platform under the name "Camsutton2323." Shanahan is accused of attempting to harm the woman's reputation, though the reasons for this alleged attempt aren't clear.

The real Sutton wears No. 23 for the Vols, and the woman reportedly was under the impression she was speaking with the defensive back.

That's understandable, seeing as Shanahan and Sutton share similar characteristics* ...

* None whatsoever

Per a police statement, Sutton has not communicated with the victim. Last season, Sutton finished third on the team with six passes broken up.

Cameron Sutton has played in 38 games over three seasons for the Vols. USATSI