Manziel on Manning Academy reports: 'Absolutely not' hung over

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel finally offered his side of the story regarding his early departure from the Manning Passing Academy, addressing the situation along with his entire offseason on Wednesday morning at SEC media days.

Manziel told ESPN's Joe Tessitore that he was "absolutely not" hung over on the morning that he overslept through meetings and other camp activities. Instead, the Heisman Trophy winner said his phone -- which presumably was his alarm clock -- died, and his exhaustion, built up from a busy summer that included an appearance at Nike's The Opening camp in Eugene, Ore., the week before, was the reason for his tardiness.

"It's been a busy summer. I probably bit off more than I could chew in July," Manziel told ESPN. 

When asked if any alcohol was consumed the night before him oversleeping, Manziel said he "would not go into any details" but acknowledged that social events are held each evening at the Manning Passing Academy. 

"I made a mistake and didn’t wake up in time when I should have, and that’s pretty much the end of that," Manziel said. "Missing the meeting wasn’t anything due to the night prior. It wasn’t anything involved in that. It was just simply my phone died, I overslept, I woke up the next morning whenever I did, went and talked to them and it was kind of a mutual decision to get home and get some time to relax."

Manziel admitted to making mistakes and said he hopes to not make the same mistake twice. Still, he wants to be treated like any other college sophomore. 

"I’m still 20 years old, I’m still a sophomore in college, I’m still going to do things that everybody in college does and I’m going to continue to enjoy my life. Hopefully, people don’t hold me to a higher standard than that," Manziel said.

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