Maryland to offer lifetime scholarships for all athletes

Maryland joined the growing list of schools to offer guaranteed scholarships on Tuesday with the announcement of "The Maryland Way Guarantee."

What is different about the program at Maryland is that the lifetime scholarship will be ofered to all athletes, not just those in the major revenue sports. Other schools are moving towards guaranteed scholarships for men's basketball and football, but the Terps are one of the first athletic departments to do so across all sports.

“Our vision is to be the best intercollegiate athletic program while producing graduates who are prepared to serve as leaders in the local, state and global communities,” athletic director Kevin Anderson said in a statement released by the school. “We are confident ‘The Maryland Way Guarantee’ will further demonstrate our commitment to our student-athletes’ pursuit of a college degree.”

According to current NCAA rules, scholarships can be pulled, reduced or renewed after each year. Maryland is taking the guarantee even beyond four years, adding exhausted eligibility aid to the scholarship agreement so that athletes can continue pursuing a degree once his or her eligibility has expired.

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