Media pick Alabama to win the SEC

SEC media predicted order of finish
Nick Saban and Alabama are the media's favorites to win the SEC. (USATSI)

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Thursday is the final day of SEC Media Week Days, but before everybody makes their way out of that hotel lobby in Hoover, Alabama, we have to find out what everybody thinks is going to happen in the SEC this season.

So the assembled throng of media members put their opinions together to create a predicted order of finish in the SEC this season, and shock of all shocks, Alabama has been picked to win the conference.

Here's how the media voted.

SEC Champion

1. Alabama - 154 points

2. Auburn - 75 points

3. South Carolina - 32 points

4. Georgia - 19 points

5. LSU - 9 points

6. Ole Miss - 2 points

7. Arkansas - 1 point

7. Mississippi State - 1 point

I would mock the voters who voted for Arkansas and Mississippi State (I believe their credentials showed that their names were Bert Beelema and Dan Millen) but I'd have mocked anybody who voted for Auburn last year, and we all saw how that worked out.

Here's the predicted order of finish for each division.

SEC East

1. South Carolina - 1895 points

2. Georgia - 1,777 points

3. Florida - 1,362 points

4. Missouri - 1,263 points

5. Tennessee - 893 points

6. Vanderbilt - 619 points

7. Kentucky - 395 points

SEC West

1. Alabama - 1,915 points

2. Auburn - 1,735 points

3. LSU - 1,453 points

4. Ole Miss - 1,069 points

5. Mississippi State - 890 points

6. Texas A&M - 791 points

7. Arkansas - 351 points

Now, before you go getting too upset or excited about any of this, know that the media poll has been wrong about the SEC champion in 18 of the last 22 years, and that the SEC media is 0-for-5 when it comes to picking Alabama as a conference champion.

So if history is any indication, anybody but Alabama could win the conference this season.

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