Megafan builds Cowboys Museum in his own home

There are levels to Dallas Cowboys' fandom and one couple just raised the bar.

Stoney and Diana Kersh of Arlington, TX took the phrase 'diehard' to new heights when they decided to remodel their home to celebrate their love for the team. Most often this would result in a man/woman cave of some sort, filled with key pieces of Dallas paraphernalia -- but, a simple shrine wasn't enough for the Kersh couple.

Instead, they had an actual Cowboys Museum built onto their abode.

"I don't even know how many pieces are in here," said husband Stoney, via WFAA-TV Channel 8. "I don't know what it's worth and don't care. I just do it because I love the Dallas Cowboys.

"I always have."

The setup includes a hand-painted Cowboys' logo on the floor, a Ring of Honor, and one of their toilets even comes equipped with a back seat from the old Texas Stadium.

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Stoney has been a Cowboys' fan since the age of four and yes, this construct was done with the blessing of wife Diana, who is also a lifelong lover of the team. And while they're welcoming of all fans, both old and new, they want to be clear they've been here the entire time.

"I've never come off [the bandwagon]," said Stoney. "I've been on there since I was a little kid. Everybody's a fan of a winner.

"And the Cowboys are a winner right now." 

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