Memphis alumni can vote on team's new uniforms, sort of

Could Memphis be joining the swelling ranks of the new-uniformed in 2013?

It looks that way after this page appeared on the official site of the Memphis Alumni Association, asking members to "Vote for the 2013 Tiger Football Uniform." The winning design, it says, will be unveiled at the team's season opener against Duke on Sept. 7.

The only catch is that looking at the two options, members aren't really voting for which uniforms they prefer, per se, as much as they're voting for whether they think the new blue jersey should be worn with blue pants or gray pants. There are also minor differences in the striping and number coloration along the shoulders.

Option A:

Option B:

It's like one of those puzzles from a children's magazine where you have two almost-identical pictures and have to pick out what's different. (Incidentally, the gray pants are the right option here. Monoblue -- like virtually any monochromatic look that's not white -- doesn't belong on a football field.)

But it's worth noting that the athletic program has yet to make any announcement regarding new football uniforms and this week issued its 2013 media guide -- one that made headlines for starring the team's punter, because, of course, it did -- with the same 2012 uniform featured. There's also no link to the voting page from the Alumni Association home page. It's possible the Tigers' cat has been mistakenly let out of the bag, so to speak.

But, most likely, the look above is what you'll see when Memphis takes the field against the Devils. And, whichever choice the alumni settle on, it'll be an improvement -- the stripes might say "Cincinnati Bengals" a little too loudly, but (the monoblue and monoblack looks aside), that's better than the current iterations, which don't say much of anything. Now, if they can just reach the point where the quarterback or tailback has earned his right to appear on the media guide cover, they'll really be going places.

HT: @KyleVeazey

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