Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh clarifies comments on mental health and transfer eligibility

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh is being ridiculed for having said he believes players citing mental health issues as the reason to gain immediate eligibility in the transfer process may possibly lead to players lying about the problem. 

He made the comments in a radio interview with ESPN, and says he does not believe every player is lying about mental health struggles, but that players should be able to transfer without revealing private matters. 

Harbaugh's comments from Cincinnati.com:

"And the other piece that bothers me about it is the youngster that says, 'This is a mental health issue. I'm suffering from depression.' Or that's a reason to get eligible. And once that's known: 'Hey, say this or say that' to get eligible. The problem I see in that is you're going to have guys that are, 'OK, yeah, I'm depressed.'

"Say what they've got to say. But down the road I don't see that helping them if it's not a legitimate thing. But nobody would know. But what are you going to say? Ten years down the road – 'I just had to say what I had to say?' And I think you're putting them in a position that's unfair, not right. And, as you said, you're saying it just to say it. And that's not truthful. That's not necessarily truthful. It's not something we should be promoting at the college level. Telling the truth matters. Especially at a college."

One of Harbaugh's former players, James Hudson, transferred to Cincinnati and in May was denied an immediate eligibility waiver by the NCAA. The player then went to Twitter to explain that he suffered from depression at Michigan but said, they denied his waiver because he never discussed his struggles while there. 

Hudson's mother, Glenda Hudson, spoke out and said comments like Harbaugh's are the reason why a lot of people hesitate to talk to someone or do not speak up and ask for help. 

Hudson also commented on what Harbaugh said, keeping it short with a, "You cannot be serious" tweet. 

The coach does not mention Hudson by name but many said it was obvious who he was thinking about while talking to ESPN. 

Harbaugh issued a statement after coming under fire and clarified his remarks. 

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