Michigan duo releases music video

Last year Michigan was able to wipe three years worth of bad taste in its mouth away by beating Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. This year the next logical step for Michigan football to take is to win a Grammy Award and dominate the Billboard charts.

Okay, so maybe that isn't the next logical step, but it's a step quarterback Jack Kennedy and wide receiver Joe Reynolds would like to some day make. The two Wolverines have a band together called JDK&Rey and they just released their first music video this week.

Yes, that was Denard Robinson you saw riding a skateboard with his shoes untied. He's one of ten Michigan teammates to appear in the video.

This won't be the last video or song released by Reynolds and Kennedy, however, as their next video for the song "Hundred Level" will be debuted on the scoreboard at Michigan Stadium. The song features the Michigan marching band.

Of course, should these two Wolverines take the music world by storm and sign a record deal, they won't be able to accept a dime for their music while still on scholarship at Michigan. 

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